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About Barbara

I’ve spent most of my professional life as a translator between the investment and information technology departments of insurance companies in the New York Metropolitan area. My career has provided me a long and rewarding professional tenure and though it most certainly pays the bills, problem solving of this nature doesn’t nurture my soul. For this, I have always turned to the arts.

Blessed – or perhaps cursed – with the ability to switch fairly effortlessly from the left to the right side of my brain (hence my MS in Information Systems and MBA in Arts Administration), in addition to a career in information technology, I am an artist, a singer, a writer, a searcher.

I've created and performed one-woman musical comedy cabaret

shows in NYC, including Web Site Story – A Low Tech Girl in a

High-Tech World and Magical Thinking. My watercolors have

hung in galleries across the country, and appear in collections

across the globe. Although I’ve only recently become a birder,

birds have often figured in my art, my home, and my vernacular.

And though I’ve only recently relocated to the beach town of

Westerly, the sea has always fascinated me.

If interested you can see and learn more about my artwork go the

Watercolor & Art section.

I have also studied fiction writing, and have completed a 

published novel.  As I’ve said, when something catches my interest, I hop on the trail. I become a student, literally and figuratively, becoming an acolyte or a sponge – whatever will get me there most directly. I have little ego when I’m on the trail; the learning process has always been part of the beauty, which brings me to this caveat: I’m sharing my birding experience on this website and in my blogs, but if you want a bird expert, buy a book.


My wonderful friends, male and female, are like an extended family. These friends have just one thing in common: they make me laugh. Once I make a connection with someone – or something or someplace –it’s there for life.

I don’t have plants because they are not safe with me, but I do have a Bengal kitty. He is low maintenance and always lets me know when he needs food and attention. Plants aren’t very good at that. I buy lots of

books, and I’m a fan of all genres, but I’m not as successful at finding the time to read them as I am at amassing them – especially now that I’ve discovered all these beautiful birds of Westerly that are out there,

just waiting for me to find them; to know them.

A few years ago, I found my forever home in Westerly, Rhode Island. In December of 2019 I relocated &  retired in early 2021.  It just keeps getting better.

Web Site Story
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