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The Plan

Every birding Big Year has rules and regulations, and mine will be no different, just downsized a bit. A total of 266 species have been recorded in the last ten years on e-bird at hotspots in Westerly. My quest is to see or hear all of them this year, photographing as many as possible, which, I’m learning is a rather daunting task.


Great bird photos require more equipment. Better equipment. Learning that equipment. But again, I’m


learning and learning is good. Click                   to take a peek into my birding Go Bag.


Here are the four simple rules of my quest:

  • My Big Year began on December 7 2019 and will end on December 6 2020. 

  • When I see and identify a bird species I will consider it found and it will go on my list, but I will continue to chase said bird until I have a good photo.

  • My quest won’t be limited to the 266 bird species already spotted in Westerly; that list is just a starting point. Lots of things, I’m learning, such as weather and food supply can bring “foreigners” to town for a visit, and they will also be counted and welcomed. No paperwork necessary.

  • I will abide by birder etiquette and do all I can to respect the birds and their environments.

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