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About Herkimer

For years my family has rented a summer place on the coast of

Maine. Six years ago, I walked out onto our summer rental deck

and found Herkimer gazing out at the sea through his binoculars.

I was charmed not only by Herkimer, but also by the tiny bird

perched on his bins (as we in the birder biz casually refer to

binoculars).  Moving to Westerly wasn’t on my radar yet, and

forget birding; but Herkimer, he stayed with me.

Five years ago – after a series of events  in my life led me to my

forever home in Rhode Island – while on our annual summer

family Maine sojourn, I tracked down the creator of the original

Herkimer and commissioned the artist, Scott Tindall, to craft a

second – one who could gaze out the windows of The View

alongside me. I’m not saying that the Maine Herkimer preordained

my birding fate; but I can say that my Westerly Herkimer and his

little Bins Birdie hold even more meaning for me today.





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